A Heritage Sheep Farm

Preserving a critically endangered breed, while having fun with our dogs!

Our Dedication

We are dedicated to preserving and promoting heritage breeds of sheep. Our flocks roam freely on lush, green pastures, ensuring they lead healthy and happy lives. We believe in sustainable farming practices that honor the land and the legacy of the breeds we nurture. Each sheep is an ambassador of our commitment to biodiversity and agricultural heritage.

Our Dogs

Our love for animals extends beyond our sheep. We also specialize in professional dog training, focusing on herding, obedience, and companionship. Our experienced trainers work closely with each dog, understanding their unique personalities and strengths. Whether you’re looking to train a working dog or seeking to enhance your pet’s behavior and social skills, our personalized training programs are designed to meet your needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is threefold:

  1. Preserve and Protect: We aim to conserve heritage sheep breeds and promote sustainable farming.
  2. Educate and Inspire: Through workshops, farm tours, and community events, we share our knowledge and passion for sheep farming and dog training.
  3. Train and Bond: We strive to strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners through expert training and care.
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